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T-Shirt Quill Buzzer - Fario

T-Shirt Quill Buzzer - Fario

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Fario T-Shirt Quill Buzzer - One of the original and sometimes still the best buzzer patterns available. The very simple design of this buzzer does not mean that it isn’t incredibly effective on its day. A plain, slim black thread body is evenly ribbed with natural stripped peacock quill. A small perfectly formed thorax is  formed and the foundation for two perfectly dotted orange t-short paint cheeks - that’s it! For the when fish are shying away from colour and flash or when buzzer hatches are sparse this is the pattern of choice. 

Fario T-Shirt Quill Buzzer

  • Hook - Heavy Wet Size 12 & 10
  • Thread Colour - Black
  • Rib - Natural Stripped Quill
  • Cheeks - Flou orange paint

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