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Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon Tippet

Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon Tippet

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Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon - Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon is 10% stronger than standard Grand Max and it's also softer making it suitable for both trout and specimen coarse fishing and has been proved to be 100% reliable. Soft Plus has also been used as a main line and is certainly soft enough for this purpose, you'll also find the knot strength reliable and stretch is controlled.

In recent seasons Soft Plus Fluorocarbon has proved popular on the competition fly fishing circuit being chosen over Grand Max for dry fly and nymph fishing where a softer leader material can give the flies a more natural presentation and increased mobility.

We supply Seaguar Soft Plus Fluorocarbon on 100m spools

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  • 13.7lb - 0.24mm
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