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Sage Thermo Fly Reel

  • Sage Thermo Fly Reel
  • Sage Thermo Fly Reel
  • Sage Thermo Fly Reel
  • Sage Thermo Fly Reel
  • Sage Thermo Fly Reel

Sage Thermo Fly Reel

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Sage Thermo Fly Reel - It’s disorienting—there is no land, only sea and sky, and everywhere marlin blitz and tuna dive and mahi swarm weed patches. There are no beaches or mangroves to stop them, only you, a reel, and a piece of tippet that you can only pray will hold.

When entering the world of big game flats fishing and bluewater behemoths, heavy-duty is the name of the game. That lifetime tarpon, monster trevally, or massive shark could come into sight at any second, and for the angler hunting these big game fish, knowing your tackle can handle the fight is paramount. In steps the Sage Thermo Fly Reel - heavy-duty in every sense. Designed to handle any tippet-busting, finger-cutting, hard-charging fish one may encounter. With the stopping power to keep a Giant Trevally out of the reef and the smoothness and endurance to outlast a blue marlin, the Sage Thermo Fly Reels robust heat dissipating SCS drag, rigid frame, and burly feature set will have you covered like never before. The new leader in big game reel performance and reliability.

Starting with a new ultra-robust SCS drag package specifically built and tuned for the extreme, the Sage Thermo Fly Reel delivers 0 to 20lbs of drag with unparalleled consistency of drag pressure throughout the entire run of the fish. No drop-off, skipping, or wear out because of overheating, the Sage Thermo Fly Reel handles the extremes with ease, as the drag efficently dissipates the heat across its fully sealed extra-large carbon brake discs. 20 easy-to-see drag settings sit atop a large-diameter drag knob that is incredibly easy to grip and adjust in the heat of a battle, while 39 detents allow for fine tuning adjustments for any leader and tippet combination.

The extra sturdy frame and spool of the Sage Thermo Fly Reel are designed to hold up to the rigors of boat fishing where a knock on the gunwale or pounding run through breakers is not unusual. With a hefty large diameter ergonomic handle for maximum grip and control, and large arbor spool for quick pick up and 500+ yards backing capacity, the Sage Thermo Fly Reel is the ultimate powerhouse use of big game fishing reels.

Sage Thermo Fly Reel

  • Ultra-Robust SCS Drag
  • One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings
  • Large arbor for fast line pick-up
  • Concave, ported arbor for greater strength and capacity
  • Large diameter ergonomic handle
  • Quick-change spool mechanism
  • Fully machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum
  • Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity
  • Sage logo detail
  • 2 colours
    • Sage Thermo Black
    • Sage Thermo Champagne

Sage Thermo Fly Reel Specs

  • #10/12 Diameter 4 7/8" - Weight 15 1/16oz - Capacity WF12 + 400yds GSP Backing
  • #12/16 Diameter 5 3/16" - Weight 15 9/16oz - Capacity WF16 + 600yds GSP Backing

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