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Tapered Leaders

Rio Euro Nymph Technical Leader 14'

Rio Euro Nymph Technical Leader 14'

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Rio Technical Euro Nymph Leader - The Technical Euro Nymph leader from Rio features an ultra-thin butt diameter, that is incredibly sensitive to the subtlest of takes. Each leader finishes with a 22" section of coloured sighter material to aid the detection of takes, and then ends with a RIO tippet ring - allowing anglers to attach their choice of tippet. Two options are available - with alternating black/white sighter, and alternating pink/yellow sighter material.

Rio Technical Euro Nymph Leader

  • Ultra thin leader for maximum sensitivity and quick depth
  • Opaque white leader for visibility
  • Two-tone indicator tippet section for contrast and detecting the sublest of takes
  • Hand tied perfection loop in the butt for quick rigging
  • Ideal for Euro Nymphing and Competition fishing
  • Length 14'
  • 2X/4X (8.5lb/6lb)

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