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Red Holo Cormorant Booby - Fario

Red Holo Cormorant Booby - Fario

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Fario Red Holo Cormorant Booby - Fario - This small and sombre coloured Booby pattern is a Fario Fly favourite for fishing the washing line method. Good to have in your fly box for when fish are wary of brighter and/or larger Booby patterns. The Mirage Cormorant Booby is particularly good with two Nymphs in between two Boobies - namely this one and a bright coloured Booby on the point.

Fario Red Holo Cormorant Booby - Fario

  • Hook - Heavy Wet Size 10
  • Rib - Medium Red Holo Tinsel
  • Body - Peacock Herl with Medium Red Holo Rib
  • Wing - Black Rabbit fibres
  • International Comp legal - Yes

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