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Micro Hot Head Damsel - Fario

Micro Hot Head Damsel - Fario

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Fario Micro Hot Head Damsel - The Micro Orange Flash Damsel is a Fario Fly favourite and a star of the micro lure range. Due to it's small and slim profile this fly albeit a lure is actually a very natural looking fly in the water because it is very similar to the size of the natural damsel nymph. In hot, sunny or warm conditions we have found this to be a great point fly for nymphing on reservoirs. It acts as a great anchor fly.

Fario Micro Hot Head Damsel

  • Hook - Heavy Wet Size 12
  • Bead - 3.3mm Fl Orange with double pupil eyes
  • Overall length - Approx 3.5cm
  • Tail - Premium Olive Marabou
  • Body - Wound Olive Marabou
  • International Comp legal - No

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