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Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers 1gr

Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers 1gr

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Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers 1gr (Croupin de Canard) - Marc Petitjean CDC is light and soft with tough and strong fibers. CDC folds like real fly tissue when a fish takes a CDC fly into its mouth. In this way, fish accept CDC flies more readily, and are much slower to reject them, compared to flies made of harder materials.

Semi translucent: Flies tied with CDC have a more life-like quality than flies tied with other, more opaque materials.

Highly aerodynamic: When cast, the CDC col­lapses but, at the end of the cast, it expands acting as a para­chute as the fly descends to the water. It therefore makes casting easier and fly presentation more delicate.

Highly hydrodynamic: Under water every filament pulsates with life even in the gentlest flow or on the slowest retrieve.

Marc Petitjean CDC Feathers 1gr Colours;

  • Blue Dun
  • Light Mallow
  • Pink
  • Cream
  • White
  • Beige
  • Olive
  • Yellow (Old)
  • Light Yellow
  • Fluorescent Red
  • Fluorescent Green
  • Fluorescent Blue
  • Dirty Yellow
  • Red
  • Bistre

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