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Gulff Clear UV Resins

Gulff Clear UV Resins

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Gulff Clear UV Resins - Create small nymphs, larvae, pupa and scuds. Build streamer bodies, heads or bigger shrimps. Some flies just need a little bit resin finishing. A high-quality clear finish lets you use other materials under the resin. Gulff UV resins are always 100% tack-free. Made by using high quality resin material which cures in few seconds.

Gulff UV Resin Properties:
  • One of the best clear UV resins in the market.
  • Always tack-free and crystal clear finishing
  • Cures in few seconds (3-7 seconds)
  • Manufactured by using G2 high quality resin materials.
  • How to use, make thin layers and cure 3s. Wait for 7s. until you touch the fly.

Gulff Clear UV Resins types;

Gulff Classic Resin 15ml - The best option for small fly body building and general nymph bonding. Recommend for larvae, pupa, nymphs, scuds and small detail bonding. One of the best clear UV resins in the market.

Gulff Classic Resin 50ml - As above, just a BIGGER bottle.

Gulff Fatman 15ml - The option for large fly bodies. It is also thick enough for shaping. Recommended for streamers, fly heads and large shrimps.

Gulff Flexman 15ml -  The best option if you need classic medium viscosity resin features but  require flex and soft finishing. It is very strong, flexible and soft. Remember that predators have large and strong teeth. For that reason Flexman is not too soft. Ideal for shrimps, streamers, fly heads and eggs.

Gulff Thinman Resin 15ml - Almost like a varnish. A thin but not too thin viscosity for beautiful finishing. It does not cover or fill fly detail. It highlights the detail.

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