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Flybox Medium Crystal Hackle (10mm)

Flybox Medium Crystal Hackle (10mm)

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Flybox Medium Crystal Hackle - Flybox Medium Crystal Hackle is a 10mm single sided synthetic which is designed for tying cutting edge trout flies although it can also be used in Salmon/Pike Flytying. Crystal Hackle pulses like marabou providing a lifelike movement to the body of your flies. The core is very slim allowing you to tie neat bodies, unlike most synthetics which are ‘rope-like’. We’ve dyed these into essential colours for the UK. Each pack contains a generous 3 meters of material!

Flybox Medium Crystal Hackle Details:

  • 10mm single sided synthetic
  • Designed for tying cutting edge Trout, Salmon & Pike flies
  • Pulses like marabou providing a lifelike movement
  • Slim core allowing you to tie neat bodies
  • A nice range of essential colours

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