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Cocktail Wozzit - Fario

Cocktail Wozzit - Fario

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Fario Cocktail Wozzit - Wozzit, Mitt Fly, Bug.....This fly has as many different names as it does variations in colour. Regardless of what you call it be sure of one thing - these flies are deadly! Almost always fished under a Fario Bung the best results come from fishing these flies singularly with depths of anything from around 3-8 feet depending on conditions. Check out the other colours in the Wozzit family each of which has its day!

Fario Cocktail Wozzit

  • Hook - Heavy Grub Size 10
  • Bead - 3.8mm Flou Orange with signature pupil eyes
  • Tail - Flourescent Mitt
  • Body- Cocktail Blob Fritz
  • International Comp legal - No
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