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Candy Man Booby Yellow Eye - Fario

Candy Man Booby Yellow Eye - Fario

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Fario Candy Man Booby Yellow Eye - First devised in Scotland, this is the original version of the Candy Man Booby and has proved incredibly popular and successful on waters throughout the UK. When conventional booby patterns fail this fly can often save the day. The subtle colours in the wing and tail combined with the Mirage tinsel body offer an appealing alternative to the brighter coloured boobies. This fly is specifically tied with small amounts of baby pink marabou through a silky white wing. There are many versions of the Candy Man Booby available but let us assure you this is the correct and most effective one.

Fario Candy Man Booby Yellow Eye

  • Hook - Heavy Wet Size 10
  • Eyes - 5.5mm 
  • Body - Mirage Tinsel over fluorescent thread (superglued)
  • Wing - Bright White/Baby Pink Mix Premium marabou
  • International Comp legal - Yes

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