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Beginners Guide To Fly Tying Basic Kit

Beginners Guide To Fly Tying Basic Kit

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Our Beginners "Guide To" Fly Tying Kit offers 3 of our most popular beginners fly tying items in 1 convenient package that utilises;
  • Veniards Beginners Fly Tying Tool Kit with Vice
  • Veniard "Beginners Guide to Fly Tying" Materials Pack
  • And "Beginners Guide To Fly Tying" Instructional Book
We put this "Guide To" fly tying kit together to offer the new comer to fly tying a low cost, basic, intoductory tying package. All of the materials within the materials pack have been sourced to compliment the book and has enough of everything, including hooks to tie any of the patterns detailed in the book.

This "Guide To" kit will give the user an excellent insight into the elements that make fly tying such an absorbing and pastime.

Our Beginners "Guide To" Fly Tying Kit contents:
  • 1x Veniards Beginners tool kit with vice
  • 1x Beginners Guide To Fly Tying Instructional Book (Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths)
  • 1x Beginners Guide to Fly Tying Materials Pack that incl's:
    • Hooks
    • Tying Threads
    • Tinsel
    • Wires
    • Hackle
    • Dubbing
    • Body Materials
    • Winging Materials
    • Gold Beads
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