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Apps Bloodworm - Fario

Apps Bloodworm - Fario

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Fario Apps Bloodworm - One of the original rubber versions of a blood-worm this fly literally took the fishing scene by storm! Now challenged by squirmy worms this fly can, on its day, pull in some amazing catches and can be fished on a multitude of line densities and with all sorts of retrieves. 

Some of the best results have been using this on an intermediate line with a slow/medium "twitching" retrieve or fished static under a Fario Bung. The particular version features 2 "legs" at both the front and back and is ribbed with blood red Flexifloss over fluorescent red floss. The fly is finished off with the Fario signature pupil-eye which is then varnished and this completes the Bloodworm look.

Fario Apps Bloodworm

  • Hook - Size 10
  • Legs - Red Flexifloss
  • Thread - Red
  • Eye - Black pupil
  • International Comp legal - No
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