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Tapered Leaders

Airflo Polyleaders Trout 5'

Airflo Polyleaders Trout 5'

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Airflo Polyleaders Trout 5' - Armed with this diverse selection of Polyleaders, there's literally no angling style or tactic you won't be fully equipped for. The Airflo 5ft Trout Polyleaders come in seven different densities that let you fish any part of the water column, in every type of water. Don’t think of this as a leader. Think of it as an extension of your fly line that transfers the energy of your cast better than any monofilament leader ever could. With low-volume, indestructible welded loops, super supple polyurethane coatings and a complete range of densities, Airflo Polyleaders will not only last longer than conventional leaders, they’ll elevate your game to an entirely new level. Made in Brecon, Wales.

Airflo Polyleader Trout 5':

  • 5’ tapered leaders
  • Supple Polyurethane coating
  • Welded loops
  • Strength 12lb
  • Designed to accommodate the addition of 4’ to 12’ of tippet

Airflo Polyleader Trout 5' Densities:

  • Floating, Clear
  • Hover, Clear, Sink rate 0.5” per second
  • Intermediate, Clear, Sink rate 1.5” per second
  • Slow Sink, Green, Sink rate 2.0” per second
  • Fast Sink, Brown, Sink rate 3.0” per second
  • Super Fast Sink, Grey, Sink rate 5.0” per second
  • Extra Super Fast Sink, Black, Sink rate 7.0” per second

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